Thursday, February 21, 2013


For any of you that are silly enough to follow this blog or have it in your google reader 
and are even more silly enough to want to continue reading my ramblings...
I've moved. 
I've gotten married and moved.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"it's in Russian- I can't read it!"

Soo....Remember how this happened two months ago?
And that I leave two months from now?
Love that.
Sorry it took so long... but here are (way too many-oops) pictures from Sept. 8th when I was called to serve in the Russia, St. Petersburg mission! You can see the complete shock can't ya? haha
The reaction shot. Gotta love that!

I cried harder hugging adorable Ashlyn than when I read the call. Love that girl SO much
hahah I love this one of Seth-man

Sorry about the bright red face in all these...I was still cryin baha

So glad Tom could be here! He had to come home from his mission for some physical therapy for his back - but he is back out in Germany! Perfect timing Elder Calton. I wouldn't expect anything different from you. haha
My roommate and best friend since elementary school, Christie. She has been called to serve in the Scotland/Ireland mission! She reports to the England MTC just two days after I report!
My best friend from Jerusalem, Emma. She is currently serving in London! She literally went right to my house from her long drive from Oregon. SO glad she could make it! We like to think that we were companions in Jerusalem. haha
My favorite Jerusalem people- thanks so much for coming! May or may not have had to wait for one carpool to get there....haha love you guys!
My girls :)
MELC -- Mckenzie, Ellen, Lindsay and Cortnee
Kenz is serving in McAllen Texas - Spanish speaking
Ellen has been called to Neuquen Argentina - Spanish speaking obviously and leaves the week after me
Cort is just a little younger than us. We will see if she serves as well...but she might have some other important things happening while we are gone :)

You know what? after all that....why not just give ya the video? hahah I've watched this COUNTLESS times! Thanks for recording this Liz! This is priceless

Sunday, February 14, 2010

felucca and camel rides

No big deal...just lookin at the Nile from the hotel...about to go on a felucca ride
In STYLE! Russell will be proud ;)
elizabeth, jenni, me, eric, jill, leslieMuhammad and my camel Mr. Lufaluv...or something haha couldn't ever get the name rightlike a naturalneeded a quick pit stop hahacheck out that sunset! Oh gosh I could NOT get over that. mmm so so good.
Egyptian sunsets are way up there for best sunsets!

tombs and temples

Pretty much everything in Egypt is a tomb or a temple of some sort... I love it!

Check out the shadow on that little light spot. neatMarissa, Taeler, me, Emma - Kinzie, Brooke, Elissa, Gretchenbasically whenever us girls take a cute/funny girl picture...the boys copy
spot the pyramids in the distance?
I LOVE when the sun does that!

britt, me, corina, brett, mary, anna, natalie
elissa, emma, me